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Repairs & CCTV Inspection

Drainage Repairs & CCTV Inspection

Structural Lining

Should you happen to have a damaged drain that is leaking water, or causing flow to slow down, a structural liner could be the answer. Installed between two accesses, a liner can be pulled into place, and an inflation tube inserted inside.

The inflation tube is then pumped with compressed air, which in turn forces the liner against the original/host pipe. After a curing time of around two hours, the inflation tube is taken out, leaving a new, strong, smooth pipe. Structural lining offers a great, fuss free answer to leaking drains.

Localized Patch Repair

Using the same kind of technology as structural lining, patch repairs are used as an option if your drain has only a small section of damage, or if there is a specific problem in a specific location. This is often a cost effective way of rectifying a small damaged area, as opposed to lining the entire drain run. Patch repairs require a curing time of up to one hour, and can be installed from a single access point, again, causing minimal fuss and disruption.


Unfortunately sometimes structural lining/ patch repairs are not possible due to severe damage to the pipework, for instance, that the pipework has collapsed. In these instances, there is often no other way to fix the drain other than to excavate and replace the damaged sections. At Clubb Cannon Drainage, we have the all the necessary equipment and know how to pinpoint the affected area of damage, and to excavate and replace. All excavations are kept safe and work areas kept tidy throughout the works, our engineers will ensure disruption is kept to an absolute minimum. We always use the highest quality materials available for all methods of our repairs.

All our repairs carry a 36 month guarantee against faulty materials and workmanship.

CCTV Inspection / Drain Testing

Here we use specialist drainage cameras that will show the condition, and any defects that have occurred to your drainage system. We will provide you with a written report on the condition of your drains, along with a diagram that will map your drainage layout. If it is known from the survey that you require further works, we will be happy to advise you on what is needed and to provide you with a schedule and costs of any further works. Should you have a problem in a particular area, maybe damp or movement, we can carry out a water test, and monitor if there is a loss of water from the drainage system. Once again, a written follow on report will be provided with our findings.

We aim to have our reports in the post to you within 48 hours.

New Drain Installations

Having a new extension? Maybe you want a downstairs toilet? Let us know where the sinks/ toilets/ baths, are going, and we will work to provide the best solution to your added drainage. Once again, only the best materials are used, and all new installations are covered by our 36 month guarantee.


Blockages are a pain! Whats blocking the drain? Wheres it blocked? All questions we ask ourselves. At Clubb Cannon Drainage, we have many means at our disposal to clear your underground drainage system. We will quickly identify the problem, and clear it with the minimum of fuss and disruption, leaving you to get on with your day.

Driveway / Patio Cleaning

Driveway or patio looking a tired?, dirty, moss growing?, let us use our high pressure water machine, and give your hard standing a new lease of life!

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